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Across research institutions, personal devices, and private companies, humankind is gathering a huge amount of information about ourselves a

Duet & OpenGrid - Infrastructure for Easy Remote Data Science

Learn from data, without sacrificing privacy.

OpenMined + Gensyn Partnership for Federated Learning within Finance

Our mission at OpenMined is to make the world more privacy-preserving by lowering the barrier-to-entry to privacy-preserving technologies th

OpenMined + Devron partnership for Cross-Organization Federated Learning

Our mission at OpenMined is to make the world more privacy-preserving by lowering the barrier-to-entry to privacy-preserving technologies th

A list of Companies, Startups, and Projects in the Privacy Space

The data protection market is estimated to reach $119 billion by 2022 — this projection highlights the pivotal role the field has in societ

OpenMined + GENBU Partnership for Open-Source Development

Our mission at OpenMined is to make the world more privacy-preserving by lowering the barrier-to-entry to privacy-preserving technologies th

اُپن‌مایند برای اَپ‌های کووید ۱۹ حریم خصوصیِ بازمَتن فراهم می‌کند

اَپ‌‌های بسیاری را ویژهٔ همه‌گیری کوویدِ ۱۹ همه‌جا دارند می‌سازند. می‌خواهند کمک کنند از تهدیدهای پیشِ روی جوامع چه در اقتصاد چه در سلامت کاسته شود. حریم خصوصیِ داده‌ها برای این اپ‌ها سرنوشت‌ساز است. نه‌تنها حریم خصوصی از حقوق بشر است، بلکه در جلب اعتماد و در پی‌اش اقبال به این اپ‌ها ضروری است.

After the lockdown

How do we get back to work and save our economy without re-triggering the pandemic?

OpenMined’s Efforts for the Coronavirus Pandemic: COVID Alert App, Private Set Intersection, a Differential Privacy Wrapper and Private Identity

COVID Alert App, Private Set Intersection, Differential Privacy Wrapper, Private Identity

OpenMined tillhandahåller open-source integritetsskydd för Covid-19 appar

We sincerely thank Anna Dahlin (@AnnaDahlin) for this translation! Click here for English. Just nu utvecklas många appar runt om i världen f

OpenMined Menyediakan Kode Pemrograman Open-Source Yang Melindungi Privasi Untuk Aplikasi COVID-19

Kami mengucapakan terima kasih pada Ellyana Linden (github , LinkedIn)  untuk terjemahan ini. Click here for English. Saat ini, aplikasi-apl

করোনাভাইরাস অ্যাপ্লিকেশন এর জন্য OpenMined দিচ্ছে ওপেন-সোর্স প্রাইভেসি সুবিধা

We sincerely thank Zarreen Reza and Mir Mohammad Jaber for this translation! Click here for English. বিশ্বকে অর্থনৈতিক ও মহামারীর হুমকি হতে


私たちは翻訳を行ってくれた大橋功に心から感謝します。Click here for English. 世の中の経済的、疫学的ダメージを軽減するため、世界中でCOVID-19アプリが旧ビッチで開発されています。COVID-19アプリとは何らかの方法でCOVID-19の感染拡大の抑止等

OpenMined fournit un support open source de privacy pour les applications covid-19

On remercie énormément Soumia Zohra El Mestari pour cette traduction! Click here for English. Afin de réduire les menaces économiques et épi

ओपनमाइंड COVID-19 अ‍ॅप्ससाठी मुक्त-स्त्रोत (ओपन-सोर्स) गोपनीयता प्रदान करीत आहे

We sincerely thank Krunal Kshirsagar for this translation! (Twitter, Github) Click here for English. समाजाला होणार्‍या आर्थिक आणि साथीच्या द

OpenMined, COVID-19 uygulamaları için Açık-Kaynak Mahremiyeti Sağlıyor

Bu çeviri için Zumrut Muftuoglu’ na içtenlikle teşekkür ederiz. Click here for English. Toplumların karşılaştıkları ekonomik ve salgın tehd

Open-Mined fornisce tecnologia Open-Source per salvaguardare la privacy durante la crisi del COVID-19

‌Ringraziamo Antonio Lopardo per questa traduzione in italiano! Click here for English. In tutto il mondo, in molti stanno cercando di mitig

OpenMined dey Provide Open-Source Privacy for COVID-19 apps

We sincerely thank Temitope Oladokun for this translation! Click here for English. As COVID19 dey so, developers around the world don dey cr

OpenMined furnizează cod open-source pentru păstrarea anonimității datelor pentru aplicații COVID-19

Mulțumim Mădălin Mămuleanu pentru traducere! Click here for English. Foarte multe aplicații COVID-19 sunt dezvoltate într-un ritm alert în t

Openmined가 COVID-19 앱들에게 오픈소스 개인 정보 보호를 제공합니다.

We sincerely thank Hayoung Kim for this translation from the English blog. (, twitter/IG: @cass_tella) 많은 COVID-19 앱들은 사

Maximizing Privacy and Effectiveness in COVID-19 Apps

Right now, COVID-19 apps are being built around the world to help societies mitigate the social, economic and epidemic threats they face. D

OpenMined facilita Privacidad Open-Source para aplicaciones de COVID-19

Agradecemos a Claudia Ghezzou por llevar a cabo esta traducción. Click here for English. Muchas aplicaciones para COVID-19 se están desarrol

OpenMined is Providing Open-Source Privacy for COVID-19 Apps

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A OpenMined está fornecendo Privacidade Open-Source para aplicativos sobre o COVID-19

Nossos sinceros agradecimentos a Héricles Emanuel por esta tradução! Click here for English. Muitos aplicativos sobre o COVID-19 estão sendo