Our mission at OpenMined is to make the world more privacy-preserving by lowering the barrier-to-entry to privacy-preserving technologies through free, open-source software and education.

Today, we’re pleased to announce our development partnership with Gensyn, to help them deploy federated machine learning infrastructure into the world’s largest financial institutions.

Money Laundering is a global problem and banks have faced over $320bn in fines since the global financial crisis. With tightening fincrime regulations, and burgeoning data privacy laws, banks need to find new ways to perform global Anti-Money Laundering activities without infringing upon individuals’ rights or violating jurisdictional restrictions.

Gensyn deploys federated machine learning infrastructure to allow banks to perform cross-jurisdictional modelling over distributed data silos. Gensyn’s feedback from their deployments and their development contributions will help us to shape the direction of our open source movement such that it is suitable for use within enterprise.

Gensyn develops enterprise-ready infrastructure for federated machine learning in the financial sector. CEO Harry Grieve notes: ‘Security, privacy, and analytics are of paramount importance in financial services: and the industry finally has access to technology that unifies them all. Our partnership with OpenMined is a key step in ensuring that our customers are using best-in-class technology’.

Gensyn contributions to OpenMined

Gensyn will use OpenMined technology within their infrastructure and provide feedback and contributions directly to the OpenMined codebase. The Gensyn team will join regular planning meetings and provide dedicated development time towards OpenMined technology.

OpenMined will provide our open source libraries to Gensyn, along with technical direction and access to our developmental roadmaps. We’ll work closely with Gensyn from both an advisory and talent perspective.


If you’re interested in learning more about Gensyn’s infrastructure or working with the Gensyn team, feel free to reach out at hello@gensyn.ai.