Our mission at OpenMined is to make the world more privacy-preserving by lowering the barrier-to-entry to privacy-preserving technologies through free, open-source software and education.

Today, we’re very excited to announce our partnership with GENBU AI for open-source collaboration via the OpenMined libraries and through participation in the architectural decisions that make it easier to deploy edge federated learning at scale.

GENBU is developing cloud infrastructure for federated learning on edge compute, making it possible to deploy federated learning across industries from automotive to agriculture. Their CEO Rima Al Shikh is embedded in our “strike team” where she supports OpenMined developers by contributing to the design of distributed computing. We’d like to specifically thank Tudor Cebere, George Muraru, Jason Paumier, Andrew Trask,  Madhava Jay, Radu Stochitoiu, Ionesior Junior, and Vova Manannikov for their development work supporting this project!

Like OpenMined, GENBU believes that AI has the power to change the world. Our goal in this partnership is to help them in their commitment to responsible economic development via AI application deployment across industries and borders. Privacy technologies, such as the PySyft, PyGrid, and PyDP libraries from the OpenMined community, make it possible to harness AI’s potential in economic deployment by enabling model training on the necessary private data.

OpenMined is proud of the diversity of our community, and GENBU’s COO TJ Misra is working with our Laura Ayre from the OpenMined Partnerships Team to amplify the voices of and opportunities for historically underrepresented demographics in science, engineering, mathematics, and privacy technology.

We will meet with GENBU regularly, improve our codebase based on their requests, introduce them to potential employees, contractors, partners, and customers within our community, and of course, raise awareness of achievements we make together.