Can privacy of medical images be ensured through proxy data?

This is the summary of the paper 'Defending Medical Image Diagnostics against Privacy Attacks using Generative Methods' that was presented a

PrivacyRaven: Comprehensive Privacy Testing for Deep Learning

Access to only the output labels is a seemingly restrictive setting. What is an adversary modeled by PrivacyRaven capable of, given this restrictive setting?

Federated Learning on Vessel Segmentation

It is a challenging task to acquire medical data for the deep learning models to train on. This blog gives a demo of how we can use Federated Learning to train our model on additional data without compromising the privacy of that data.

Private Deep Learning of Medical Data for Hospitals using Federated Learning and Differential privacy

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Maintaining Privacy in Medical Data with Differential Privacy

How can you make use of these datasets without accessing them directly? How can you assure these hospitals that their patients’ data will be protected? Is it even a possibility?

Inference privacy: what is it, and why do we care?

When you ask your home voice assistant to check the weather, it is listening to and saving not only your voice but also everything else tha

Privacy-Preserving AI in Medical Imaging: Federated Learning, Differential Privacy, and Encrypted Computation

In medical imaging, necessary privacy concerns limit us from fully maximizing the benefits of AI in our research. These modern privacy techniques could allow us to train our models on encrypted data from multiple institutions, hospitals, and clinics without sharing the patient data.