Hello all!

Our community and our reach has blossomed over the last several days, weeks, and years. It is a very cool and exciting movement to witness. With that growth comes an increasingly important responsibility to unify our community around common brand standards when creating things that represent OpenMined. We want to empower everyone in our community to create new resources while maintaining the integrity of OpenMined's visual identity.

I am very excited to share the latest version of the OpenMined Brand Guide. In it, you will find most of our established brand standards. This is a living document, and will continue to be updated.

Download the OpenMined Brand Guide»

If you have a request for additional resources or standards to be added to this document, please submit it here».

If you are a graphic designer, web designer, illustrator, photo editor, animator or any other visually-inclined creative and you are interested in applying to be on OpenMined’s design team, please do so here».