In short:

  • We actively curating content on research, demos, tutorials, socio-technical stories related to privacy technology, ML and AI
  • You can use our content for your video-based content
  • We'll share our content in a monthly call, you can sign up for the call here

OpenMined is an open-source community whose goal is to make the world more privacy-preserving by lowering the barrier-to-entry to private AI technologies. We believe privacy preserving technology should be easy to implement and available to everyone.

Over the past 2 and half years, OpenMined has grown to a community of 7,300+ engineers, researchers, writers, and developers in the privacy, cryptography and engineering space. A bi-product of this melding of minds is that we have access to a lot of amazing ideas, theory and code.

This is where you come in.

We simply don’t have the bandwidth or reach to give this amazing and unique community created content the voice it deserves in the video-content space. We believe that you do.

We want to share our curation efforts with you. Below are just some examples of stories and tutorials that our amazing community has created for the OpenMined blog.

If you feel that you and your audiences would benefit from sharing these ideas and tutorials we will be arranging a monthly call to share the latest and greatest articles from our community.

How to get involved.

You can participate in this call by filling in your details in this form. You will then receive a calendar invite for a recurring monthly call. Don’t worry if you can’t attend every call — we'll send out a follow up email with the video, links to articles and resources after every call.

If you have any questions you can reach out to me (Nick Duddy) directly in the Slack community at @nickduddy.