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Interview with Ionésio JuniorGithub: @IonesioJunior Where are you based? Maranhão, Brazil. What do you do (i.e. studying, working, etc.

Differential Privacy Advances Part 1: Strengths & Weaknesses

Importance of Data:Every company around the globe is increasing the usage of data in building their products and services. This is because d

Accelerating deployment of healthcare ai by 1000x

Center for Digital Health Innovation partnered with GE to develop the world’s first FDA cleared AI (Artificial Intelligence) on a medical de

A Survey of Differential Privacy Frameworks

A comprehensive overview of various libraries and frameworks for differential privacy and their use cases.

ML Privacy Meter: Aiding Regulatory Compliance by quantifying the privacy risks of machine learning

Conference Talk Summary by Sasi Kurakonda on ML Privacy Meter: Aiding Regulatory Compliance by quantifying the privacy risks of machine learning

Superfast Differential Privacy

A summary of the talk by Pranav Subramani at the OpenMined Privacy Conference 2020.

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Interview with Callis EzenwakaGithub: @Callezenwaka Where are you based? Lagos, Nigeria. What do you do (i.e. studying, working, etc.)?

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OpenMined's R2Q4 Padawan Program Graduates

Congratulations to all of our R2Q4 Padawan Program Graduates!

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Interview with Shubham PalriwalaGithub: @ShubhamPalriwala Where are you based? I’m currently based in Gujarat, India.What do you do (i.e. st

The Impact of Privacy Regulation on Effective Deployment of Technology during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

There were high expectations that the use of health records, cell tower tracking, and travel history could have ultimately helped to plateau the COVID-19 curve.

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Interview with Mrinal WaliaGithub: @abhiwalia15 Where are you based? Windsor, Ontario, Canada What do you do (i.e. studying, working, etc.)

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Interview with Curtis MitchellGithub:  @curt-mitch Where are you based? San Francisco, California USAWhat do you do (i.e. studying, workin

Announcing Proof-of-Concept Support for TFF in PySyft 0.7

Summary: We are excited to announce that, as a part of the 0.7 release of PySyft, it will be possible to construct TensorFlow Federated comp

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Interview with Baye Gaspard Github: @bayegaspard Where are you based? Massachusetts, USA What do you do (i.e. studying, working, etc.)? Doc

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Interview with Teo MileaGithub: @teo-milea Where are you based? Bucharest, Romania What do you do (i.e. studying, working, etc.)? I am fin

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Interview with Osam Kyemenu-SarsahGithub: @factdroid Where are you based? I currently live in Accra, Ghana.What do you do (i.e. studying,

Case Study - Federated privacy preserving analytics for secure collaboration among Telco and partners to improve customer engagement

MotivationWhile consumers expect better customer experience and personalization from businesses, they are increasingly sensitive to privacy

Remote Data Science Part 3: Deploying a Single Domain Node

This post is a continuation of "Remote Data Science Part 2: Introduction to PySyft and PyGrid". Previous blog was about introduction to Py

Of Legal Tangles and Synthetic Datasets Part 4: HIPAA and Synthesis

Part 4: What is the impact of HIPAA on the generation and sharing of synthetic datasets? The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability

Remote Data Science Part 2: Introduction to PySyft and PyGrid

This post is a continuation of "Remote Data Science Part 1: Today’s privacy challenges in BigData". The previous blog talks about

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Interview with Stephen GabrielGithub: @bitsofsteve Where are you based? I am currently based in Abuja, Nigeria 🇳🇬 What do you do (i.e.

Remote Data Science : Part 1 - Today’s privacy challenges in BigData

Privacy Challenges in BigData The Internet has radically increased the scale of information accessible to society and decreased friction. St

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