Lessons from Our Privacy Opportunity Part 3 - Real World Use Cases of PETs

PETs have a vast number of real-world use cases. Researchers, businesses, regulators, governments, media organisations, startups and consum

Lessons from Our Privacy Opportunity - Part 2 The Structured Transparency Revolution

Structured Transparency [1] is a framework for creating ideal information flows that guarantees that certain data only flows to the right de

Lessons from Our Privacy Opportunity: Part 1 Information flows

This blog post is a summary of the lessons from the Private AI series, Course-1: Our Privacy Opportunity. In this post we will talk about th

Is My Fake Data Real Enough?

Synthetic data and validation of its expected behavior The research focused on the generation of synthetic data has gained pace like never

Structured Transparency Continued: Verifying Inputs and Outputs

More on Structured Transparency: Input and Output Verification, and Flow Governance

Structured Transparency: Ensuring Input and Output Privacy

Introducing Structured Transparency: a systematic approach to analyze privacy issues. Learn how to enable transparency without the risk of misuse.

Limitations of Information Flows

To improve information flows, we need to understand what exactly is not working today.

Society Runs on Information Flows

Information flows form the basis society. How can we understand them better? Why are they often broken and how can we possibly fix them?