OpenMined is an open source organisation whose mission is to lower the barrier to entry to privacy preserving technology.

Thank you for your interest in getting involved in OpenMined. Let's dive in on how you can help us make privacy preserving technology.


First thing you should do to get involved in OpenMined is to Join the Slack Community. This is where you can connect, collaborate and learn with others.

Once you have joined the Slack organisation, there are many channels that you can join for help and community, including:

  • Location Based Channels: Search for the closest major city or your country name to chat with others from your area!
  • Topic Based Channels: Start your search with topic_, for instance, #topic_beginner_questions or #topic_jobs_in_ai
  • Community Channels: Start your search with community_, for instance, #community_udacity_course or #community_women-of-om
  • Education Channels: Start your search with edu_, for instance, #edu_learners for info from the Learning Team, or #edu_mentorship for info from the Mentorship Team.
  • Library Channels: For questions/communication about specific OpenMined libraries. Start your search with lib_, for instance, #lib_pysyft, #lib_pygrid, #lib_pydp, #lib_syft_js, #lib_syfertext, etc.


The OpenMined mentorship program is created to help you make your journey here at OpenMined easier. A mentor will be assigned to you, who will help you from getting started with the OpenMined community to joining a team in OpenMined.

OpenMined Mentors are here to help you get started, and to walk you through the steps to becoming an active member of OpenMined. You can Join Mentorship program

To get an idea of what you can expect on joining the mentorship program, check out our Mentorship Program infographic.


To get started with learning on the Technology OpenMined uses, you can watch these introductory presentations by Andrew Trask (Leader of OpenMined).

There is also a Free Udacity Course (Check out our Udacity course here) to deep dive into OpenMined Technologies.

For more resources to help you learn about the specific technologies used in our projects, check out our collection of Educational Tools here.

Once you have an understanding of the technologies used, our tutorials are the best places you can get hands-on with our projects. Here are links to our tutorials, once you're ready to jump in:

First Steps

Once you have a good idea on how these libraries work, you can look at the Good First Issues tag in issues of the GitHub repository of the project. Here are the links to the good first issues waiting for you to solve them.

You can assign those issues to yourself or collaborate with other members on slack or GitHub and create a pull request resolving those issues.

For people who are not from Machine Learning background, we have put together a list of Beginner Friendly OpenMined Terminology that one might hear when working inside this community. Check that out here

Contributing to OpenMined does not always include code (check Community Teams). There are many other ways you can contribute such as writing blog posts, creating documentations, creating designs.

Lastly, you can always refer to OpenMined Welcome Package,  to get more details and updated info on getting started with OpenMined.