We’re very excited to announce the next round of open-source software development grants in the OpenMined community, generously sponsored by the PyTorch team and facilitated by the RAAIS Foundation! Thanks to this support, starting in 2020 we will begin issuing regular challenges to further the security and performance of the PySyft and PyGrid codebases.

Performance Challenges

The goal of these challenges will be to improve the PySyft and PyGrid codebase in order to make a particular demo run faster. At the beginning of each challenge, a demo will be issued in the form of a Unit Test. Over the course of the challenge, contestants will be able to submit Pull Requests into either the PySyft or PyGrid codebases which will seek to make the test run faster. The test will then run automatically inside of our automatic testing suites , and the fastest running unit test at the end of the challenge will receive a cash bounty!

Security Challenges

Similar to the performance challenges, for each of these challenges a scenario will be issued where data is hidden in some way, and it will be your job to try to break through PySyft and PyGrid's protections to get access to the privat data. Whomever is able to demonstrate how to do so first will receive a cash prize!

How to Apply

If you would be interested in participating in these challenges in 2020, all you have to do is fill out the sign-up form and you will be added to the mailing list. This will inform you when each challenge begins!