We are incredibly pleased to announce the OpenMined Learning Team.

With the rising usage of Artificial Intelligence techniques to solve a wide range of problems, we felt that it was also time to make more widespread the usage of privacy-preserving techniques in the development of those solutions. To help people do this, we've created a Learning Team.

The OpenMined Learning Team will organize bootcamps and structured learning events aimed at teaching privacy-preserving AI techniques. The bootcamps will cater to learners ranging from beginners in Data Science or Machine Learning all the way to seasoned AI practitioners just getting started with Secure and Private AI.

With the  support of the members of the Learning Team and the OpenMined community at large, the participants in the bootcamps will have the option to do demo projects, participate in mini-hackathons, and work on personal projects in teams or alone to practice their new skills. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to contribute to the OpenMined codebase thus directly helping develop privacy-preserving tools that can be used around the world.

If you want to learn with us...

If you are interested in learning about Private and Secure AI or if you are currently going through the OpenMined tutorials but wish to join a Learning Team bootcamp, join the #edu_learners channel in the OpenMined Slack workspace. All the bootcamps and activities of the Learning Team will be announced there. Besides, joining the channel will allow you to connect with other learners and work together on projects if you wish.

If you are not yet a member of the OpenMined community, you can join here. Then, make sure you join the #edu_learners channel.

If you want to help…

The Learning Team is currently actively recruiting volunteers to help conduct its activities. If you enjoy working in teams and helping others in their learning journey, please consider joining the team. The positions we are currently recruiting for are the following:

  1. Aides: Aides do different tasks essential to the activities of the Learning Team. They might also help with the logistics of the projects of the Channel, Study Group and Technical Moderators. This position is ideal for those who wish to help but do not want to take on the bigger and most formal responsibilities of the positions below.
  2. Channel Moderators: Channel Moderators deal with all the non-technical aspects of learning. This includes answering non-technical questions in Slack, directing learners to the appropriate resources or people, and organizing and leading initiatives to keep learners engaged and make learning fun.
  3. Study Group Moderators: Study Group Moderators are in charge of leading study groups. This includes setting up and conducting the virtual meetings of their group on Zoom or Google Hangouts as well as initiating and leading the activities of the group and ensuring that all members of the group are effectively working towards their goal.
  4. Technical Moderators: Technical Moderators deal with all the technical aspects of learning. This includes answering technical questions, initiating and overseeing technical projects, coding challenges and hackathons. They are also directly involved in making and updating the curriculum of the Learning Team's bootcamps as well as helping prospective contributors to the OpenMined codebase get started.

Note that you do not need to have an extensive background in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, or Private AI to join. The team welcomes volunteers with diverse skill sets. For more details about the specific requirements for each position and to apply click the link below.


We are truly excited about this new OpenMined team and cannot wait to share our passion for Private AI with a wider audience. Come join us in working to make AI solutions more privacy aware.