After some time of waiting, OpenMined officially has a blog! Actually, if we're getting technical, we have two blogs that we will maintain simultaneously. Let's dive in...

Weekly Digs

The Weekly Dig is where OpenMined members write up summaries of various developments we're talking about within the community. This could include published AI white papers, blogs we're reading, links we're discussing, and just general news in the AI space. There may even be multiple "Weekly Dig(s)" for various subjects like "Private ML" or "AI Safety", to name a few. Right now you can view all current digs here. We will break them down by topic as they become more regular - so stay tuned!

OpenMined Blog

The official OpenMined blog will include a list of general announcements, tutorials, and other community news. This is the "source of truth" for all things OpenMined. Naturally, we will still have our Slack channel which at the time of this post has well over 2,300 members in it. Not bad for our first ten months!

Slack will continue to be where daily discussion of the OpenMined platform happens, while the blog will serve as a place for official announcements.

Going Forward

In the near future, we will put together an email newsletter that encompasses new official blog posts, as well as separate newsletters for each Weekly Dig topic. This allows you to follow the OpenMined project, as well as topics of your particular interest separately. Subscribe links will be available soon - trust me, we're working on it. We're also going to be rolling out new changes to the website, including a configurable script to help you download the OpenMined Grid and get hacking in the environment and setup of your choosing.

For any questions or comments on the blog feel free to reach out to me (@cereallarceny) or @trask on Slack. We welcome any feedback and improvements. In fact, if you're keen to work on the OpenMined website and blog yourself, there's always work to do. Hit up our issues page and send us some pull requests!

Edit (May 22nd, 2018)

We've switched over to Ghost! It's glorious, but it means we've fully moved away from Wordpress and onto a subdomain structure. We've done our best to make sure that all blog posts, categories, tags, and index pages redirect over from the old site. We should be all sorted, but should you see any issues with redirects, we'd appreciate knowing - ping someone in Slack.

All links in this blog post have been changed over to the correct links.

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