As a part of OpenMined's new initiative to foster a research community, we are excited to issue a call for applications to become an OpenMined Research Engineer!

This is an exciting new volunteer role designed to help talented engineers gain research experience by partnering them with experienced researchers on a research project.

As such, we do have some minimum requirements to apply to become a Research Engineer. While these will not be strictly enforced, we hope they will serve as a useful guide to the steps you should take to become a strong applicant:

Minimum Requirements:

Ideal Requirements for Research Projects in Privacy

  • Completed PySyft's course and/or tutorials
  • Have merged one or more pull requests into PySyft or PyGrid
  • Have read/understood key papers in Differential Privacy, Secure Multi-party Computation, Federated Learning, Zero-knowledge Proofs, and Homomorphic Encryption.

If you are not sure whether you are ready, or unsure how to acquire the skills necessary to become a Research Engineer, apply for an OpenMined Mentor to help you put together a learning plan to become one!

If you are excited about the opportunity to become a Research Engineer, to work alongside other researchers to submit papers to top AI conferences, Apply Here!